Firm Science, Horoscope for Sunday April 3, 2011 to Saturday April 8, 2011

Some tricky nights have passed us this week, and now the planets are at repose in their current transits. But the very ground and methods of present time are being reversed. Cutting sharp and deep into the layers of the spectacle, very little of what is apparent in present time will remain. Both Saturn, the warp and woof of the immediate, and Mercury, eternal messenger of dual form, have gone retrograde. Following the planets’ lead and the directives of celestial movement, we turn our gaze back into itself. However, directing consciousness backwards through time – a day, month, year, decade, century, millennium – while still locked in the surface sheen of history is ineffectual, and there you will only find specters and apparitions. Millions upon millions of images of falsity and unreality make up the social terrain of civilization. The totality of the spectacular mind in present time haunts itself perpetually and from all angles, placing unreal and false props and masks in lieu of the real. The root of this living-dead thousand headed hydra (Greek, hydor: water; further still, Sanskrit: udraH, “creature of the water“, Sanskrit, ud: to flow or issue out, related to Latin: unda, Old High German, waz-ar, Modern English, wat-er; a creature of the deep, forever issuing forth from an unknown and murky depth), cannot be simply cut and ended in a fell swing of sharp discerning consciousness. Somewhere in the depth of the hydra’s unreality there is a seed of immense weight and gravity, dragging us down into an ocean of the real that can be measured and charted in great detail.

Beginning in present time, becoming aware of the current state of perception is crucial – abandon immediately the whole flood of spectacular time (cf. Debord, Society of the Spectacle) no matter how personal it is. In fact, the more personal and meaningful and intrinsic to yourself these memories that flit about in the shadow of the spectacle are, crush them with even more zealous fervor. Sit quiet in repose, detached from the variegated flashes and beeps and hums of the multitudes of screens and detached from their message. Leading the will to move back into itself, and listening to voice of the planets within us, as Mercury and Saturn both traverse the skies in a backwards march, the foundational and experiential unreality fades. And it’s here that we will sow our seeds in the tender ground of the will.

There are, as the base of the relationship of the soul and the world, four essential elements that have been detailed in the Hermetic corpus – earth, water, fire, air -, and there is one additional element – aether – that retains a quality of immateriality and all-pervasiveness, in a sense nurturing the other four. While there are semblances of these elements reflected in their physical counterparts, they are not limited nor completely encapsulated by these physical characteristics. Rather, their role is directly correlated to the ground and function of reality itself. Where there is perception of weight and form, earth; flux and the dual, water; upheaval and ascension, fire; movement and incongruity, air. Devoting oneself to these ever present and pervasive powers in the elements, stripped bare and naked in the bright void of aether, shining radiant and clear, the totality of spectacular and false consciousness can be subverted and remade. It is not the objective to remake anything in one’s own image, but rather to encourage perpetual revolution (perpetual here from Latin, perpes: lasting; further, Latin, per: through, and petere: to go, to seek, to aim; further still, Sanskrit, patara: flying, fleeting; the airy act of remaking, flying through all impediments to make something continuous; and let us consider revolution, Latin, revolver: to turn back; deeper, Sanskrit, valitA: to turn around, bent, turned in to; deeper, Sanskrit, val: to be drawn to, attached; or vala: a pit, a cave, the womb; strangely, the perpetual revolution is a contradiction of opposing movements, forever moving forward only to turn back unto itself) – and, of course, let us disregard the perpetual revolution of Stalin and all that entails.

Armed with the magic and potency of the elements, let us move on to consider the events in the sky at present time. Our week begins where it left off at the tail of last week, with a serious flood of planetary forces in Pisces. Steady and feverish bouts of idealism and dreamy passion, and a fresh sense of creativity are for sure to be on the plate here. While there hasn’t been many changes in the position of the planets, the whole character of the current map must be interpreted in the light of the now waxing Moon. The first week of the waxing Moon, in a way, activates the already present planetary energy. So if last week held darker, crooked, and chaotic forms of creativity and passion, we will now see a general lightening of the ambiance take hold.

Along with basking under the waxing light of the Moon, we are now headed full force into the warmth and pleasure of Spring. As Mercury and Saturn remain retrograde, and the nurturing and benign forces of the lunar orb filter down to us, this week will be opportune for cultivating the sprouts of plans that are yet to come for this year. Seeking these plans out isn’t necessary, as the tumult of the planets should have shaken things up enough to make them readily apparent. Depending on where you are in the world, this is also a perfect time – both in the terrestrial and celestial spheres – to plant a garden that will provide abundance for the year. This week will remain relatively stable and without much change in terms of transiting planets, so whatever you do intend on doing, make space and time for it this whole week and ride the strange planetary winds that now blow.

Some independence will be achieved come Monday as the Moon moves into Aries and out of the crowded sign of Pisces. Look for strength and a rekindling of ambition. An elevation of overall gumption continues later into the week as the Moon transits into Taurus on Thursday. And finally the Moon lands in Gemini on Saturday, manifesting some duplicity of the mind. From the watery deep of Pisces, rising into the primary and headstrong fires of Aries, grounding in the strength and ground of Taurus, and flitting about in the airs of Gemini, the Moon – as the mind – travels with us through all the elements this week.