To Bear the Fruits of the Planets, Horoscope for Sunday May 1st, 2011 to Saturday May 7th, 2011

Last week, as you have noticed, there was no horoscope to report – maybe it was a combination of the flux of the waxing Moon and its culmination in fullness, which without fail has its effect on me. Or maybe I could attribute it to the revolution of Spring, and the fresh and forgotten feeling of the Sun amidst the deep, damp penetration that the rain exacts on Eugene. Go even further and combine this with the celestial atmosphere of planetary imbalance in Pisces and a retrograde Mercury and Saturn – and yes, there are new movements now, new paths have emerged, new hopes and dreams and desires for us all to follow – surely this has been the case in my own sphere. Let us continue that momentum here, taking a break from the abstraction of previous horoscopes, and instead glean the fruits straight from the vine that the planets offer. For it is only logical that the planets bestow, in equal parts, the fruits of their passion on living creatures, as they themselves are living – where they orbit each other with precise attraction, where their very gravity emerges from fits of polar duality, where their mass and volume trump with ease all order of species on Earth – we can only assume that they bear an attraction and passion so great that it is only known to us in part.

There is a particular affinity that we all have for the first of May – May Day – whether it be for the unconscious instinct of new beginnings, to till the ground and sow our seed, to strive and aim for what is within ease and reach, to engage in the rites of fertility (from the Latin, fertilis, “formation”; and from the Greek, pherein, “to bear”; and the Sanskrit, bhara, “bearing, carrying, granting, bestowing, raising a great cry, a war or battle or contest”; this is, surely, the time to cherish and participate in our own creation, or align with the natural fertility that environs us, or to raise a cry to contest and sublimate the powers that inhibit this process). And following this last intimation, there is that other aspect of May Day, that is well known in the industrial world, to assert the power of the social over the barren terrain of Capital, to directly confront that elusive power that maintains the division between natural fertility and our desire to participate in it – so we see organized resistance in Germany, France, Greece, the US on May Day, which possibly seeks both consciously and unconsciously to create the space where the natural order can reign again.

Let us look at the dynamic of the planets for May Day. The Moon finds herself in the lunar mansion (in Sanskrit and Vedic astrology, nakshatra, the lunar zodiac composed of twenty seven equal parts, where the Moon travels through one by one daily) of Ashwini on Sunday – and this star holds manifold significances. It is by order of the lunar zodiac the first mansion of the Moon, as Aries is the first sign of the solar zodiac. Ashwini’s etymology from the Sanskrit begins with ashva, “of a horse” or even the “number seven”, as there are seven horses of the Sun – which has been supposed elsewhere to correlate with each of seven colors, the seven chakras, the seven physical planets – but further the etymology evolves into the two charioteers, the Ashvins, a pair of twins that traverse the skies appearing in the sky before dawn in a golden carriage drawn by horses or birds. The bear treasures, but more importantly they bring the knowledge of healing arts used to avoid sickness and misfortune. The power of the lunar mansion Ashwini is the power of healing. The Moon in Ashwini sets the mood or feeling for the day to achieve healing and catharsis. The power of the Moon to realize this energy is further enabled by the conjunction of the Moon in Aries with the Sun. Although this does mean that the Moon will be nearly devoid of her light, the exalted and vigorous position of the Sun in Aries will enable the dynamic of the soul and mind – the Sun and Moon, respectively – to further the ideals that we all strive for on the first of May, whether they be directly aimed at fertility, or inversely at resistance.

We then find ourselves in the midst of the new Moon on Monday, May 2. This is a particularly potent lunar event, as well. It is the Moon’s day – Monday – and the power of the new Moon is fueled by the lunar mansion it falls in, Bharani. Coming full circle from what has already been detailed above, Bharani’s etymology is, of course, tied to the Sanskrit, bhara and bharaNa, “bearing, maintaining, carrying in the womb, nourishing”. Bharani’s symbol is the womb, an inverted triangle, and its power is the domain of birth and death. There is an anomaly, however, in Bharani as the deity presiding over the star is known as Nirriti, the goddess of curses and calamity, of destruction, dwelling in the inauspicious southwest. So while Bharani is the power to bear through the creative soil of the womb, it is also the power to take that life away. This energy reveals the root nature that will still be playing itself out from May Day, blurring the lines of both creative and destructive acts, as we may find ourselves mired, but fully engaged, in our own manifesting and pillaging.

On Tuesday May 3, there is yet an important planetary transit that will have a strong impact on the next couple weeks. Mars will be transiting from Pisces – leaving the crowded sign that still houses Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter – into a conjunction with the Sun and Moon in Aries. That this event happens on Tuesday, the day of Mars, and that the Sun is exalted in Aries, and that this will be the first day of the waxing Moon, all will augment the dynamic potential here. The Moon will now be in the lunar mansion Krittika. The etymology of Krittika is from the Sanskrit, kRtta, “cut or divided”, and the power of Krittika is tied directly to this definition,. The group of stars in this lunar mansion is symbolized by a razor or knife, or sometimes as a burning flame, as the deity presiding here is Agni, the god of fire. The six stars that compose the lunar mansion here at the end of Aries and first part of Taurus were in the oldest Vedic myths known as nymphs who became nurses attending to Mars, the god of war. The exertion of Mars asserting himself in his own fiery sign of Aries, along with the exalted Sun and a sharp Moon, will prove to be an opportune day to carve out your own destiny and path, free from the confines of past habits, assumptions, or disposition. There is a dangerous freshness here, in that what you desire you may just get.

Coming to the middle of the week, Wednesday May 4, we gain a much needed reprieve from the rollercoaster intensity of the week’s first days. The Moon takes leave from the transient madness building in Aries, and finds the soothing oasis of her own exalted sign, Taurus, and also the Moon’s most favored star, the lunar mansion Rohini. To say that Rohini is the most desirable of all the twenty seven lunar mansions is understating the significance it is given in the myth of the Moon. It is said that originally the Moon neither waxed nor waned, but rather moved freely and equally amongst each of the lunar mansions, which were each personified as wives of the male deity of the Moon. Each day, just as now, the Moon would visit one mansion, or wife, at a time, and spend that day and night there, and thus determine the nature of that particular day for life in his sphere of domain. This ensured the regular but predictable diversity of activity that living beings engaged in – some days, depending on the mansion the Moon inhabited, it was a day for construction, healing, and song; and on others, a day for battle, risk, and abandon. Without notice or consent, however, the cycle came to a halt as the Moon became entranced by the beauty of his wife Rohini, who dwelt in the sign of Taurus. Life came to a standstill, as there was no new day, no opportunity for revival or change, no chance to erase the past or move towards a future. There was just the Moon, shining bright and consorting solely with Rohini, lost in her gazelle eyes, immobilized in her mansion. Her name could be derived from the Sanskrit, ruh, “ruddy”, or, “to ascend, mount, attain”. She was the daughter of Daksha, the feared and strong magician. All of the living beings, tired of the Moon’s never ending consorting with Rohini, approached Brahma and pleaded for a remedy. Brahma in turn made the request to Daksha to end the amorous stalemate. And thus Daksha, who was adept in blessings and curses, warned the Moon of his impending doom. The Moon, filled with pride for his elevated position in the sky and power over living beings, ignored the threat. Immediately Daksha cursed him, and immediately the Moon began to lose his luster. Daily the once full and bright light of the Moon diminished, waning with each sunset and sunrise, until the Moon was completely empty, dark, unable to be seen. All living beings protested, for as much as they hated the Moon’s immobility and insistence on staying exclusively with Rohini, they longed even more for just a glimpse of the Moon’s cooling light. Rohini, too, lost interest in the Moon that now was devoid of his luster. Everybody went back to Daksha, and pleaded that the curse on the Moon be removed. Daksha advised that although he cannot remove the curse completely, that he would remove it partially if the Moon consents to resume again his daily movement through each mansion. The Moon, of course, agreed, and now we have the waxing and waning phases of the Moon, culminating in the full and new Moons. This was a long winded way to say that Wednesday holds a special light for us, a day of pleasure, of abandonment in desire, fulfillment in the other. Seek what you truly enjoy on Wednesday, and the Moon will smile gladly on you.

And to come back to normalcy and turn our gaze away from myth, we end our week with the Moon’s transit through Mrigashrisha, Ardra, and Punarvasu – which, although equally significant relative to other lunar mansions, do not carry the same weight as the others this week. In future horoscopes we will dive into their myths, symbols, and energies when appropriate or when they correlate with other relevant celestial events. Until then, it is meaningful to note that on Friday and Saturday the Moon will be conjunct with Ketu, that shadowy body of eclipse, and that extra precaution could be advised in our daily dealings. The continued conjunction in Pisces of Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter, will of course further the creative urge that many are currently enraptured by, and the new conjunction of Mars and Sun in Aries will add an interesting, if not slightly subversive or dangerous, element into the mix.

Ultimately, the week is filled with surprises, marked by revelations and raptures, not something borne in laborious or extraneous conditions, but rather manifested brightly in a state of enstasy, to be lost in the “stance within”. And yes, I admit, I am excited for what may come.