On the Passionate Arrangement of the Planets, Horoscope for Sunday April 17th, 2011 to Saturday April 23th, 2011

It is simple and direct to observe a social consensus that, tainting the vital and potent veins of our destiny as free beings, has arisen out of pure error, and that through the application of a simple but cutting logic can be made sparse and ineffectual in our daily lives. The consensual error is seemingly enmeshed and embedded in all the categories, occupations, and pursuits of social life, to the extent that even those that have through chance or determination tasted the sweet morsels of a liberated state still fall impotently to the course of collective bondage. And further still, those that concretely situate themselves above the low lying mists of civilization, find that they perch in relative solitude, without the possibility of elevating their former companions to their state.

The error that has been swallowed, without reservation or embarrassment, was grown and nurtured in the detrimental environment of civilization, which at the present time offers no recourse or resistance to its near complete domination. To demonstrate the full extent that civilization has harmed the constitution and faculties of the human race would be too difficult a task – all that need be mentioned is that if a modern man or woman would gaze for a moment onto the felicity and joy of a society that has progressed beyond the stage of civilization, they would either have a surge of disgust for their current civilized state, or an immediate confusion for lack of experience in the context of such a social arrangement. Either way, their motivations would instantly refine themselves, and they would totally abandon the day to day tasks that civilization has offered them.

If the attributes of a society that has stepped past the error and restrictions of civilization are unknown to our experience, then we are only left with speculation. But we can, I believe, calculate our speculation sufficiently enough to sculpt visions and dreams of what this society could be. The variables in our calculation could include the planets, as they have narrated a great deal of civilization’s social relations and categories – and although they seemingly are the foundation of time, hierarchy, and social stratification, they are equally elusive in their definition and roles. They could, potentially, provide a working model for the liberation of desire, and the realization of the passions that find themselves in suppressed in civilization.

Again it is simple to observe the general discord and disharmonious manner that our current society functions by. The hardest working in our world are often allotted the least in riches and comforts, and are forced to be content with their material and spiritual lot. Their labor, and hence their passion, is usurped by the more cunning and vicious, and those fruits are passed on to those that have clawed their way up the chaotic social ladder, not by merit but by exploit. Those that engage in the arts – music, letters, canvas, sculpture, dance – are told repeatedly, both overtly and with subtlety, that their passions will bring nothing to them, unless they are struck by the invisible hand of luck. Thus, thousands upon thousands of creative and fluid souls are rendered worthless and dried up on the vast desert of civilization, for lack of acknowledgement of their pursuits. Our rulers, the embodied dull and impotent fabrications of the passions, carry no purpose other than to coax the social order into further and deeper darkness.

Nothing in civilization moves in harmony. There is no consensual orbit that our bodies and minds and souls follow. But, if we were to look closely in our very own solar system, we find that our planets move in such an exacting harmony in their orbit, speed, and direction, and that if their harmony could be applied and emulated in the social circles of our world, a permanent revolution on our globe could result. What would this application look like?

What if we chose by consensus the most brilliant, energetic, life-giving, warm and generous to guide the affairs of our communities. To give them rule not out of lack of our own autonomy, but so they could serve to enable and cultivate the natural autonomy that can be found in any individual, community, or society – to manage the affairs of trade, infrastructure, and other practical matters of a cooperative and passionate order. And what if the most receptive, intuitive, understanding, nurturing, sensitive, and shining were rewarded for their hidden subtleties and faculties, and they were given full attention when a matter of commotion or discord would arise, so that balance could be achieved – so that instead of the most aggressive winning by default, the best result could be actualized in the soft light of truth. And ask yourself if civilization’s channeling of the world’s brightest and potent minds into occupations that enable the most horrendous and efficient exploitation and destruction, is superior to a harmonious society that allows the brightest and most creative to cultivate and inspire consensual pleasure and joy. This is only a rough sketch, of course, of what we could look like once we abandon civilization and its suffocating grasp on our lives. In a way, we only have to choose to step into this harmony that is mirrored in the planets.

And what better time to do just that? Sunday finds us full and replete in the glow of a full Moon, with a full aspect from the Sun in its exalted Aries. The collective energy of the past week will bubble over on Sunday as a spicy and potent mix of ambition, passion and a dash of disaster as the full Moon is conjunct a retrograde Saturn. Do not let this seemingly ominous conjunction inhibit the full blossom of the Moon’s light, but instead embrace the difficulties and recognize them as your own. Retrograde Saturn will continue on for some time, and the very palatable impediments that have flavored the air lately should have been by now digested. Expect only a little bout of indigestion as a full Moon cannot help but increase the latent power in Saturn. Surely a conscious abandonment of duty and obligation in favor of the distant call of the night’s passions would lend to a harmonious syncing with these two planets.

There is quick relief from the overflowing potency of Sunday’s full Moon, as we head into further into the week. The Moon transits into a stable, solitary, and balanced Libra on Monday and stays there through Tuesday. With the direct gaze of the Sun exalted in Aries, the Moon in Libra will afford ample opportunity to rectify imbalances that are surely due to the constraints of our civilized mode – pursue the rhythm of a natural setting, wander free by the foot of a mountain or a river’s stream. Engage in your friendships with an even and steady demeanor, and approach your tasks with similar exactness. Set a positive, balanced tone to the week as the Moon transits through Libra.

We cannot forget about the intensity in Pisces, however, as this whole week continues to see the conjunction of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and a retrograde Mercury. If you stay conscious of this potent mix, you definitely can enjoy the ripe and liberal fruits of their harvest – and even more so at the end of the week as retrograde Mercury goes direct. Saturday will be the perfect day for trade, communication, travel, and other matters of exchange – whether they be of idea, labor, or passion. Without much effort, but with much awareness, we continue to harmonize ourselves with the planetary sphere.