Astrology Haiku for Monday March 25th 2013

The Sun in Aries:
Big, tough, headstrong, hot-bodied–
Can you see ego?


All’s Quiet Under a Still Night Sky, Weekly Horoscope for Sunday May 22nd, 2011 to Saturday May 28th, 2011


This week is marked, primarily, by the relative stillness of the planets in our solar system. Where we can always anticipate the transits of the Moon, like clockwork ticking through each sign and phase with haste and predictability, the other planets, of course, transit at a slower pace. Keep this in mind as we explore this week’s planetary rhythm – the glories, dreams, rises, and falls of the past week will be reflected, in a major way, in the events of this week.

Aries – The confluence of Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury continue their slow march through the fires of your sign. All things are coming to a head for you, and the fruits of many past desires and labors are being realized as this creative, expansive, and vigorous conjunction proves most beneficial to you. Mars, the most visceral of planets, lord of battle and of the will, and also lord of your sign, is at the head of this conjunction, commanding the direction and general flow of its manifestation. Whereas, on its own, a Venus and Mercury conjunction may only produce a simple creative urge, or with the addition of Jupiter an expansive creative desire, with Mars in the mix there is a full fledged negation of self in the work and detailing and art that you are throwing into your surroundings. Enjoy the conjunction while it lasts, as the other signs only know in part this power.

Taurus – All of the signs should, verily, pay a respectful homage to you this whole month, as everybody knows that when the Sun finally makes its appearance in your sign, the curiosities of the world increase, smiles spread across even tired faces, and an amorous and playful mood is enjoyed by all. You will embody this energy, and especially this week you will find that the world finds you most alluring, charming, and free. Invoke this tendency to its fullest extent, and allow for the pleasures of the world to naturally come your way – like so many spring flowers in bloom.

Gemini – The ever-changing and flitting charms that you carry will be in full strength this week, as the lord of your sign, Mercury, who always reflects the influences of its surroundings, stays in conjunction with Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. Your creative urges and desires should have a singularity of purpose that is often lacking in your sphere, and they should be aimed at lofty and expansive goals. Where Ketu, the shadowy south node, still remains stationed in your sign, it is only a matter of weeks before this changes. Thus, you are in a way at the end of a year and a half long spiral that has born the marks of a controlled chaos, blind realizations, shadowy and fleeting pleasures – and what better way to break the spell of Ketu’s transit than to fly, like an arrow, into the depths of the dark, and to land willfully in the light. 

Cancer – The Moon will intimate your fate this week, as we start out with a direct aspect of the Moon on your sign on Sunday, swelling your capacity to listen to the people and energy that surrounds you, flashing signs for you to follow, casting a bright and viscous glow on the soft paths that you will walk down. The Moon’s light will be waning, however, as we head away from the previous week’s blinding glow in the celestial sphere. Finding a calm inner space to wander will suit you best this week, as the enjoyable air of Spring settles lightly on the world. Sit with the elements: water, wind, earth, and enjoy them with the ones you love.

Leo – The bright shine of your face continues this week, as your sign benefits from the pleasurable track of the Sun through Taurus. But there is also a continued awareness of loss, as well, as the four planets that sit in Aries are stationed twelve signs away from your own, indicating a deep, almost subconscious penetration of death and dissolution. This doesn’t necessarily have to take the path of material loss or death, however, as oftentimes the most profound secrets and insights are gained through quick whispers bubbling from the internal spring of the mind. In reality, the strong, proud nature of your sign will dissolve into the unbound potential of the four planets in Aries, revealing the curious creations and expansions therein.

Virgo – To bear the burden of Saturn retrograde for yet another week will find you taxed, to be sure, but do not let this bring you down, burying your potentials and glories in the hard cold ground. Just like many other signs, you will participate fully in the conjunction in Aries, as Mercury, the lord of your sign, continues to flit about amongst the bright, expansive, and ruddy planets there. Move slowly, cautious and wise, about the world this week. As Saturn moves backwards in the sign, and specifically through Hasta, the lunar asterism that is symbolized by a hand studded by five stars in the night’s sky, your own potential will be realized through the work you do by your own hands.

Libra – Finding further balance this week will be done with ease, as no single planetary influence will tip your scales one way or the other. Whereas there will be a relative absence of aspect, conjunction, and transit in your sign this week, there will be a full bloom of energy that will influence your sign by way of Venus and its role as lord of your sign. With its by now well noted conjunction with Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars in Aries, the fiery depths found there will reveal themselves in a balanced harmony of dual forms in your experience – tempered pleasure, well thought out adventures, and just the right amount of hardship. Nothing will be too heavy or light, and thus will you wander the world with a healthy gait and light heart.

Scorpio – Your own hidden depths will be plumbed this week, as the impetus to inner exploration and outer revelation will be further encouraged by the strong planetary weather in Aries. Mars of course will be leading your way, as you find yourself amongst fresh and new surroundings, lit by the soft light of the Sun in Taurus, and paired with the creative duality of Venus and Mercury. Those seeds that you find in the depths will be brought to the surface, watered and tended to by the gentle hands of Jupiter. Do not turn your back on this expedition into the surreal, the quixotic, or even the uncomfortable and macabre terrains that dwell within you. The time is nigh for this journey, so make haste!

Sagittarius – The dark, brooding movements of your sign this week will be further inflated by the influence that the lord of your sign, Jupiter, will be projecting onto your sphere. Where the north node of the sky, Rahu, is still perched quietly in the first degree of Sagittarius, ready to exit within a few short weeks, the last remnants of this incredibly potent karmic period will be found basking in an eerie glow. The hidden potential of this week remains to be seen, and its fate is placed squarely in your hands – where the planets will determine the amount and quality of the energy that you can channel, the direction that it takes will be dictated by your will alone. And it is this will, aimed up into the skies, that the fiery archer of your soul will let loose as a flaming arrow in the night. Be prepared for a week of tumult, to be sure, but also of ephemeral beauty. 

Capricorn – The soft, palpable beat of the Moon will be felt deep within you this week, as we begin on Sunday and Monday with the lunar orb transiting through your sphere. The bright directive of desire, with its long arcing shadows cast on the ground far beneath, will only be half illuminated by the waning, decreasing light of the Moon. There may be sudden bursts of spontaneity, trips to unknown places, fresh vistas and unexpected revelations to keep your interest piqued. Your body will know the Moon in all its intimate ways, as it gladly narrates its secrets and poetry and fears to you. Take time to listen, to bask underneath the Moon’s beams, imbibing them with a supple mind and body, allowing its gestures to move you, to elevate you to its lofty sphere.  And conversely, take the time to feel the ground, to know its solid terrain with your feet, mapping your future path with its contours and shapes and mood. Your body is a temple, strong, earthy, serene, for sure, and this week will certainly show you its true power.

Aquarius – An emotional week indeed, as the Moon travels through your sign on Tuesday and Wednesday, and with it will be spreading the karmic seeds of retrograde Saturn. The month’s build up and eventual culmination of long suppressed impulses will be released this week. When it rains, it pours, to be sure, but keep in mind that this just clears the clouds so that the bright Sun will shine just as bright. It will not be all bad, either, as once the Moon exits your sphere, you will be left with a quivering, cathartic body and mind that is ready to take on any task. The atmosphere is ripe for creativity and expansion right now, and although the bulk of its planetary cause will not be directly influencing your sign, you can take advantage of this general mood once the Moon frees you of the dark within.

Pisces – There are few sensitivites, very few occult intimations, that you will miss or be unaware of this week. Of all the signs maybe you will be affected most by the potent confluence in Aries. Send a long forgotten loved one a letter, put your creative talents to work, use your body in a way that truly challenges it. Listen to your body, for of all the signs you feel most deeply the current planetary weather. When the Moon enters your sign on Thursday and Friday, the deep, brooding waters of your soul will be stirred, and its tide will wash onto the shores of reality, leaving its relics to dry on the stable land. Wander amongst these wonders, these curiosities, these obscure objects that you hide in your depths, and show them to the world in the light of this waning, dark Moon. There is never a limit to your potential, and this week there will be no impediment to its full expression.

A Glowing Conflagration in Our Night Sky, Horoscope for Sunday May 8th, 2011 to Saturday May 14th, 2011

A strange week indeed, where we have seen a certain flare and outburst of long hidden and latent energies – of misplaced fear and ignorance that reared its ugliness on May Day, symbolically subverting the true meaning of the day that communally belongs to the people, the day that marks, in time, a collective desire asserting its independence from control. That astrology could, perhaps, serve as a tool to break the spell of the intricate ordering and machination of control, is something that we can investigate – to explore the immediacy of the planets in relation to our lives. We abide in a territory of both reality and unreality, of an immediate naturalness and a mediated artificiality. Peppered throughout the landscape of this duality are bodies and specters. These bodies are composed of a varied composition of the natural world’s four elements – earth, water, fire, and air – and are as diverse in identity as can be imagined: the human body, the animal body, the plant body, the celestial body, the body of the earth. And the specters have their origin in the long-standing lineage of civilization and its institutions, which has culminated in this greater spectacle, and which perpetually consumes the bodies in its territory and offers them back to us not as bodies but as images, phantoms, apparitions. 

To begin, then, with a line of thinking and investigation that takes us back to the reality of bodies and the elements, we can start a process of demarcation. The virtues of human passion – love, loyalty, wisdom, understanding, health – arise not out of a nothingness, of a void in the self, but rather through the direct communion between multiple bodies. The special and unique communication between two bodies – two lovers in a sweet night, the farmer’s hand and the soil, the astronomer’s eye and a newfound star – is what defines these passions, and the unique individuality of the bodies narrate the character of the same passion. There is, then, a recognition that the territory of bodies and the immediate attraction between them, are perpetually diverse and never replicated. There cannot be a systematization of passion or virtue – for it only originates in the dialog of distinct entities. Any work to replicate, systematize, or order the passions of bodies results, without fail, in mediation, exploitation, and illusion – and this can be seen easily in a variety of social realities: food has taken an unrecognizable form, absent of anything that can be found growing from the earth; the passion of love or lust can be consummated remotely, through screens and speakers, never once mingling the touch or breath; battles can be waged for a people who only digest its image, and the melancholy of witnessing death, face to face, breath to breath, never need take place.

As an astrologer, it is my prerogative not only to divine the workings of fate, but also to communicate the reality of the celestial bodies, and their relation to our own. To bring all of this together, I will relate a small portion of knowledge that pertains to the esoteric, or hidden, region of astrology. We can raise the question, “How do the bodies of the planets commune with the human body?” And this question is the crux of astrology, for without it we could simply relegate the planets to be alone, cold, inert in their lofty abode, only serving us as objects of visual contemplation. One response to this question, which I have through my own introspection found to work in experience, is that the human body has within it centers of consciousness that commune directly with, and reflect the movements of the planets. They are known in the body of knowledge of Tantra as chakras, from the Sanskrit, “wheel, circle, discus”. In the classical outline of the chakras there are said to be in total seven. Further, it is said that each of the seven physical planets preside over one of the seven chakras – so that each chakra is a nexus, or point of communion, between the planets and the body (note: I will provide, as an appendix, a full chart of correspondence between the human body and the celestial bodies, with details on the chakras, on this site soon).

This nexus, or link, has physical attributes – as the planets transit through the signs of the zodiac, they immediately affect the body and its consciousness through these chakras, resulting in unique actions and circumstances that can be read through the astrology chart. But also they share more essential qualities, or psychical attributes, in the sense that the planets are bodies and have characteristics and a personality that is their own, just as any being, and that these are reflected in part in each of the chakras of the human body. Thus, the personalities and passions of the planets can be observed in the immediacy of human society – the planets, literally, walk amongst us. And just as the planets traverse through the sky, and its diverse regions of elements and natures, so do we travel through the same.

It is in this sense that we begin our weekly horoscope. We begin the first three days of the week – Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday – with a strong presence of planets in Aries, the first fiery sign. Jupiter, Sun, and Mars – three of the four masculine planets – are here, and this intimates a period of tumult and change, that can take place with a rapid or sudden event. The Moon will be drifting alone in Cancer, its own sign and watery abode, and this will provide a temporary cooling effect to the heat building up in Aries. Mercury and Venus are still paired together in Pisces, and their conjunction always represents a time for creativity. Thus we start the week with a lot of conflicting but strong conjunctions and transits – watch out for overzealous attitudes or outbursts of destructive emotions; but also look to cultivate the natural and cooling lunar energy that will abound, and the present creative condition of Mercury and Venus in Pisces.

But it is in the middle of the week, Wednesday and Thursday, that we see a great movement of planets into fiery signs, in a way bursting into a “glow of conflagration”. Not only does the Moon find itself in the fire sign of Leo, that independent and fierce domain of the Sun, but Mercury and Venus, which formerly were in Pisces, now transit into Aries, conjunct the masculine retinue of Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun. Just as last month we found these same five planets in the dreamy and watery depths of Pisces, we now have them in energetic and unpredictable fires of Aries. Thus it can be said that Wednesday and Thursday will be marked by these flames – you will feel the heat rising, and you will witness the power of fire and the changes it can exact around you. Temper the flames if you must, or add your own fuel to the massive fire – either way, the middle of the week will allow for destruction, renewal and clearing, both internally and externally. In the immediate sense, the planets congregating in such a display in the fiery signs can give us a great amount of power to effect the changes that can only happen with a decisive and one-pointed will. Spare no old habit or pattern, no vestige or specter, that remains in your consciousness that inhibits your growth as a free being – burn it all.

The week ends with Friday and Saturday, and the Moon transits into an earthy conjunction with retrograde Saturn in Virgo. This will naturally temper the flames of the middle of the week, and ground the mind in more realistic but difficult pursuits. While Saturn remains retrograde, our actions are all seemingly marked by an inherent difficulty, as if even with great ambition and purpose we follow our pursuits there are small impediments in the way. The Moon’s conjunction with this difficult Saturn will make us aware of the small things that we can work on – the nuts and bolts of our projects and desires – so that we can pursue them with the smoothest course.

Certainly this week will demonstrate, with palpable examples, the immediacy of the planetary bodies as they move through the signs and the elements. It only takes a small amount of awareness to awaken these perceptions. And, to me at least, they provide more satisfaction than the spectacle that is commonly offered.