Astrology Readings Catered To You


Types of readings:

-General: A sweeping look at past, present, future and everything in between.
-Relationship: Analysis of two people’s charts, their harmonies and the idiosyncratic way in which they relate.
-Career: To discover what one’s true work is, and how to orient your life to it.
-Finances: Strategies to prosper, internally and externally, in a world of seeming scarcity.
-Spiritual: Let us wander amongst the root potencies – the planets – for awhile.
-Custom: Don’t see the type of reading you’re looking for? Get a hold of me and we’ll see what we can come up with.

What to expect:

When receiving an astrology reading, you should expect the best. For many, this will be the first astrology reading of their lives. I want to make sure that it completely satisfies what you are looking for, and then some. When we do an astrology reading over the phone, it usually will last between one and two hours. This really depends what questions you want answered, as I do not set a time limit on my readings. The reading will last until you are completely satisfied, and I even do a free follow up reading to address any other questions that may arise for you.

The astrology readings I offer open full windows of light that shine on the face of any question. Whether it be relationships, health, money, spirituality, adventure, career, friendships, or anything that you may be concerned about, there are invaluable astrological insights to be had. My readings are inspired by many years of study in Vedic Astrology, thousands of chart readings, and the doses of life I have encountered in my travels. Your will is free, your desire unbound, and any change is within grasp.

I do live in Eugene, Oregon, and I am available for live in person, phone, or e-mail readings for anybody around the world. I have given astrology consultations over the phone to folks in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and India. All readings are 75$ donation, or a relevant trade of reciprocity. I accept payment through PayPal or check. Contact me with any questions, comments, or requests at


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