Riding the Wave of Desire, Weekly Horoscope for Tuesday August 30th, 2011 through Monday September 5th, 2011

The Hermit Card, Marseille Tarot, L'hermite

The Hermit Card

While the heat of summer is waning, and the prospect of autumn glimmers on the horizon, we are all riding a steady and balanced wave of planetary energy forward, reaching our goals and realizing our visions. The planets are tumultuous, brash, and even unforgiving, but they are also tender and ready to bend to the desires of those who pursue their own course, those who map their own terrain and do not bow to the power of control. WS Burroughs posed the question, “If control’s control is absolute, why does control need to control?”

The planets do not control our instincts, our intuitions, our thoughts, or even our actions. But the sum of these processes of the body and mind and soul all occur within the space of time. And it is in this sense that our instinct and intuition and thought and action relate to the planets. The planets function to “seize, lay hold of, obtain” (from the Sanskrit, graha) the destinies of humans in the terrain of terrestrial time – and thus they are implicit in the function and operation of time, and time’s relationship to human experience. They are also “signs of recognition and perception.” Their continual and exacting and perpetual orbits around the central Sun, and their transit through the zodiac, both reveal their quality of control – regimented and regulated movement, predictability, anticipation and expectation of results based on these transits.

The response to the question posed by Burroughs is simply, “Control needs time,” which is countered by the next question, “Is control controlled by our need to control?” The planets are sign posts of time, marking the natural rhythm and cycles that are found on Earth – day and night, seasons, the maturation experienced in all stages of life, death, birth, the cyclical experience of the mind and mood and menstruation, celebration and the emergence of festal time. To pursue this rhythm, which also expresses itself in a variety of inexplicable natural phenomena, from the mating cycles of horses and other fauna, to great boiling cauldrons of gathering crustaceans in the oceans, to the flowering and eventual death of all living things, is to engage directly with time and partake in its splendor.

To know the planets and their transits is nothing more than to know the flow of time related to our engagement with it. Society is reflected in the planets only because society has geared itself around their markings and characteristics. This is a point that while being assumptive does not need much explication, for do we not follow a seven day week, each day ruled by a planet? Are our months not the result of solar and lunar observation? While engaging with the planets as they relate to time, society has rendered itself into civilization, which codifies control and determines the individual’s experience of time itself. And it is from this conclusion that I analyze the planets and their transits, not to bolster the belly of the beast of control, but to slice it open to reveal the potential of time outside of the space of death, the great nothingness devouring the land.

To get to the horoscope, then. On Tuesday August 30th we begin with certainty and balance in the skies. While Mercury will no longer be retrograde this week, Jupiter will begin its movement retrograde on Tuesday, in the sign of Aries. Last week I mentioned that engaging with Jupiter’s bounty would be a fruitful endeavor if done with the passion of Mars, and this week I will still say the same. However, Jupiter retrograde will put up a stifling, almost overabundant and excessive energy that must be cut down with the fire of Mars. Too many opportunities and paths, without focus, can result in empty action. Be aware of spreading your energies and concentration too thin. Instead, seize singular, manageable opportunities that will build your potential step by step, planting seeds for your new tomorrow.

The Moon will be conjunct Saturn in the sign of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, on both Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a combination of intense and disparate planets. While the Moon rules the more subtle, internal dimension of the mind and emotion, Saturn governs the hard, real manifestation of the body and the world. When the Moon and Saturn are together, one’s own feelings and thoughts that are often harbored silently within, find expression and come out to shape your current environment. This can be difficult if one’s internal life is in dysfunction, as the internal is, in part, a reflection of our environment. Thus, issues that need addressing or clarification will be at the fore, especially on Wednesday. This day can also be perfect for solidifying plans and desires that have been developed in harmony with one’s environment and the people within it. Devote yourself both to the soft reflections of the Moon’s light, and also the reality and strength of Saturn, and there will be balance.

Seeking this sort of balance will be easy, especially when the Moon transits into Libra on Thursday and Friday. That potent mixture of the Sun and Venus, which was mentioned last week, will find their place in your thoughts and desires these two days, as the Moon passes through Venus’s sign. Letting go a little bit and enjoying the last leg of summer seems to be what the Moon wants most at the tail end of the week, and one will find happiness in social activity, love, and intoxication. Enjoy yourself as the Moon, and the strong creative energy emanating from the Sun and Venus in Leo, all create a space of well being, contentment, and joy.

On Sunday and going into Monday, the anticipated arrival of Mercury in Leo, which will then be conjunct both Venus and the Sun, will give fuller expression to the creative potencies and juices that are dwelling there. Mercury’s addition to the mix lends to discovering the best medium and tools for your pursuits and pleasures, as it carries the technical and mediated qualities that are needed to realize a strong creative ambition. Writing, conversation, and reading will all be simple and effective ways to process the potential of Venus and the Sun. Seek out new ideas and people, and there will be much to learn the next few weeks, as these three planets flourish in space of Leo.

And all the while the Moon waxes, ascending the arc of light, reflecting the Sun at every turn. As we ride the wave of desire across the duplicitous and tumultuous ocean of creation and destruction, we remain full and replete and content. Our consensus is found within as an individual, bearing the reflection of a whole array of planetary drives and directions. To abandon control and the regiment of time-as-death, we find that a beautiful and colorful spectrum of light is woven in the world around us. Let us pursue that fabric of reality, without reserve.


The Dwarf Star, Horoscope for Tuesday August 23rd, 2011 to Monday August 29th, 2011

The light of the stars is shining once again, as summer draws to a close, the Moon waning in the near autumn sky. Unthinking vanity flourishes on the surface, and from beneath there is a rumble blossoming in real lack. The reflection of one shines forth in the other. Our forest of appearance has become rarefied, splitting itself into seemingly limitless fractals of invisible and indivisible roots, further discovering vanishing pockets of the authentic to ground itself in. And that authentic ground itself has entered the market to be divvied up, labeled, and pushed back into itself for analysis, consumption and growth. Collectively we ride this boat labeled in diverse ways as Humanity, Civilization, Society, Work. And even here, in the midst of the totality of excess and glamor that has been promised, there are those that are jumping ship.

In this vein, the time that we are looking forward to this week is not anything other than the waning fortnight of the Moon, as the great river of time approaches the night when the Sun and Moon dwell together. The meaning of this is relevant to seekers who recognize that time, being a reflection of the skies, has a working balance that is achieved in its cycles. This week is dedicated to clearing, healing, learning, space, nurturing.

In our general sphere, both Venus and the Sun will be conjunct in the sidereal sign of Leo, which results in both the desire for and the eclipsing of creative energies. The Sun, being in its own sign, and in the height of its favorite summer month, has peculiar strength that must be engaged with directly. The sign of the Sun, Leo, will especially feel an urge towards independence, coming back into oneself, and solidifying your goals and roles in life. The bright element of Venus, a planet that in Sanskrit is called Shukra, or ‘semen’, will add further desire to achieve independence and a strong sense of self and purpose. One may find this in the reflection of action, the flowering buds that shine in the space of oneself.

Jupiter holds a strong place in Aries this week, sitting nearly directly in the center of the sign. Since the planet of unlimited growth and potential has passed that crucial mid-sign mark, it is now matured and ready to open doors of opportunity and new environments for those that seek them in the next six months. What is important here is that one must engage with Jupiter’s energy of bounty with a strong and fiery will. Mars rules Aries, and thus Mars is the gateway to what Jupiter has to offer.

There is a strange triadic relationship between Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Virgo, and Mercury in Cancer that points us towards an understanding of intent, loss, and communication this week. While both Mars and Saturn, the two natural malefic planets, sit in each of Mercury’s signs respectively, Mercury is transiting through the Moon’s sign, Cancer. This indicates that any issues that relate negatively to health, finances, communication, or interpersonal relationships will be temporary and reflective of the position and phase of the Moon. Mercury, never able to be pinned down or defined, will be defining the character of both Mars and Saturn.

As August 29th approaches, the night of the new Moon, anticipate a near complete withdrawal from the activities of the summer, and redirect your gaze forward into the empty, but pregnant, potential of the winter. A strong, one-pointed gaze of the will can work miracles during this time of potentialities, where many paths lay open before us all.

To simply be – in Sanskrit, bhUta, ‘to become, to have been, to exist presently, the real’, from bhU, ‘the earth, place of being, space, being’ –  might be the real lesson from the stars this coming week. The new Moon night – in Sanskrit amAvAsya, ‘to dwell together’, the night the Sun and Moon are finally united – is an emptying of light, to be sure, but it is also the inaugural night of growth, of flowering. And when the only light that shines forth – in Sanskrit, avabhAsa, “a splendor shining down [into the earth]” – is in being, one’s own self, then there is no mistake in saying that we are our own fertile ground, and this truth is as bright as the full Moon, even when it is empty.

A Meeting of Fools by the River, Horoscope for Sunday March 27, 2011 to Saturday April 2, 2011

Imagine working backwards in time, in a way that all knowledge born in the process of experience, of seeing what is and what is not, was already present in you and the very act of our will moving forward in time, was in reality a movement in reverse. The perennial wish is to know today what will be in our future – to see what station we will occupy, the accouterments that will surround us, and the precise exacting paths that it took to get there. Seemingly, however, the gravity that attracts the will to action, to obtain and gather what it has yet to eclipse, is something that is found exclusively in forward movement. An anticipation lurks in the heart when a new tale is heard, opening fresh and budding pathways in the brain of the seeker, constructing dreamy layers of futures that may never be. The will seeks out these mirages (Latin, mirer: to be amazed, surprised, bewildered, wondered at; related to mirror, miracle; possibly a sense of incompleteness, fulfillment in an image instead of reality, or alternatively a fullness of reality spewing forth as image, enjoyment of self in other) with full force.

When chasing, with a mixture of pleasure and pain, the heady projections of an unrealized future, the will stumbles on new paths that were unanticipated. A laboring journey to the top of a mountain, executed with full preparation and abandonment, may reveal a sweet and flowering low lying valley that calls you down with its comforts. Choice is revealed here that will mark your future – do you continue on your envisioned journey to the top of the peak, savoring the accomplishments of dedication and the liberating views from on high, or do you lower yourself into the arms of the valley and its aura of contentment. Both the mountain peak and the sweet valley will always be there – but there is an empty space that fills the moment of decision. Projections of potentialities fill the brain – the mountain will have this, the valley will have that – and you place yourself in both the high and low, weighing their respective merits.

And that gaping space of indecision and conflict is closed when you decide to descend into the valley, leaving the lofty peaks behind you. All of the preparation for the ascent up the mountain is made worthless in the fleeting call of the valley’s spring. Whole new internal mirages bud instantly once in the valley’s low. Paths so incongruent and dissimilar to the mountain now are real and vibrant and within reach. On and on the will goes like this.

But, how to prepare the will for spontaneous revelations on the path? One must become nothing less than a fool (Latin, follis: bellows, leather bag, windbag, empty headed; further possibility Sanskrit, vAtula: a whirlwind, mad, crazy; to be carried by the winds, the subtlest of the four elements).

Looking to the ever changing celestial cartography, this following week provides several synchronicities that clear great spaces for the wandering fool. To go back to our original image – working backwards in time – in a real way, the destinies and fates of all things have already been mapped. The stable and harmonious revolution of the planets on the backdrop of distant stars tells stories that have only yet to be chosen. The more the will pushes forward in the accumulation of knowledge, of joy, of vigor, of possessions, the more awareness there is that in these movements there were really no choices at all. There are only great expanses of space to fill, foolishly or with dedication.

The week starts off with Sunday – the day of the Sun – and a confluence of planetary forces that are strongly shaping this week’s tide. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter find themselves together in Pisces, in what will seem to many to be a feeling of great release and liberation. The soul, represented by the Sun, and the discursive mind, represented by Mercury, join together in the free sign of Pisces, and this will give the feeling of contentment in our action, represented by Mars, and high quality of life, represented by Jupiter. Rahu, the shadowy eclipse maker, joins the Moon in Sagittarius, which may cloud and obscure the aforementioned beautiful planetary weather.

This is temporary, however, as going through the rest of the week the Moon finds its independence in Capricorn on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday joins Venus in Aquarius. The dual-day conjunction of Venus and the Moon in Aquarius on Wednesday and Thursday is sure to provide ample beautification of the inner and outer environments. Spring cleaning, meditation, absorption into art, spontaneous road trip, sudden catharsis, are all signs of Venus conjunct Moon in airy Aquarius.

But we find the true meeting of the fools at the end of the week, April 1st, Friday – the day of Venus – as Mercury, which had previously and temporarily moved into Aries from Pisces, goes retrograde and joins the now Pisces stationed Moon, along with the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. Mercury retrograde is known the world over to disrupt travel, communications, finances, and decision making processes – couple this with a conjunction with the strong and fiery will of the Sun and Mars, the expansive touch of Jupiter, and the personal and intimate movement of the Moon, along with a direct aspect from retrograde Saturn in Virgo, and we have ourselves a truly spectacular potential for April Fool’s day. Expect severe miscommunication, vigorous tomfoolery and shenanigans, strong prideful bursts of joy and confusion, and also the quiet contemplation that can only come when there is a new Moon. Yes, the Moon is empty on April Fool’s day – there will be no moonlight to steal from the stars. After a day of inchoate mayhem and bliss, surrender your madness to a night of complete contemplation. Work backwards in time, moving the mind retrograde through the ignorance of the past while carrying the absolute light of the future. How far back can you envision, and how far forward? Where do the lines of the body and will blur, and whence the ends of the rope of the eternal past and future? Foolishly swallow the tail of both, with full knowledge of both.