The Unveiling of Realities (An About Page)

This blog is here to share the insights and stories from the stars, on a weekly basis, and put them in a relevant context – weaving mystical, spiritual, hermetic, societal, and personal themes together, in a harmony that is as diverse and multifaceted as our night’s sky.

Subscribe and comment and engage in this ongoing dialogue that can, if we work together, begin to unravel some of astrology’s secrets. Any requests for additional information, as related to the horoscope posts, will be answered promptly and with the best of my ability and care.

I will be putting up a fair share of texts that span many traditions – Tantra, Vedanta, Alchemy, Astrology, for the reader’s benefit, as a free resource for your further study.

Check out some of the links in the “Dérive” section on the right, if you feel up for some good ol’ web surfing.

All writing is by myself, Bradley Rockow. Original artwork in the header image is by my talented friend, Sarah Faith (SF).


They have all spoken.

As the dervishes desired, I have set down first the voice of one and, then, the voice of the others. In this book, I have not set down my own point of view because I am a man and a man does not know everything. In any case, it is not fitting for him to say everything he knows nor to write everything he says. Of one hundred thousand men, there may be one who knows an, of a hundred thousand things he knows, there may be one he should utter. Of the one hundred thousand things he utters there may be one he should write. If my own opinion had been set down in this book, both friend and foe might learn of it; both the competent and the incompetent might read it.

In other days, the initiate confided their secrets only to those they considered competent; swearing them to the secret. The incompetent, happily, are unable to pierce the thoughts of the initiate who, since the time of Adam, have obtained their knowledge of the essence of things through personal association with those who knew. Therefore, he who seeks the mysteries and the realities, must seek out someone who knows for, from the book alone, nothing emerges.

– “The Unveiling of Realities”
Kashf Ul-Haqa’iq
Persia, 13th Century


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