Haiku Horoscope for January 30th, 2012

Haiku Horoscope:

Waves flutter along
an ocean bright as the Sun,
such are our mind’s thought.

Gloss: Today the Sun and Mercury are within five degrees of each other in Capricorn. The Sun is known as the Atma or the soul, and Mercury represents our conceptions, our thoughts, our words. Today these two forces have become intimate with each other by their proximity. In a way, the flutter on the surface of the ocean has become an important part of the ocean itself. Although we can see a wave as an extraneous, temporal extension of the ocean’s depth and immensity, in reality it is its most accessible and ‘apparent’ face. In this way, words are an extension of the soul and reflect it in part. Remember this today in your thoughts and words, spoken or written, and infuse the power of the soul in these waves.


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