Horoscope Haiku for Friday January 27th, 2012

If anybody knows me, they know that I often go into horoscope hiatus. Right now I have legitimate reason in doing so, as I am currently working on a work of fiction that will be forthcoming this year. In lieu of long posts of horoscopy, I offer an alternative: the Horoscope Haiku. Every day I will be focusing on an important astrological event — a transit of the Moon, an aspect of a planet on another, a grouping of planets in a particular sign — and drafting a haiku that reveals the essence of the astrological event, and providing a short gloss.

And now for the Horoscope Haiku, enjoy:

End of cycle, one
last breath, eyes locked on waxing
Moon — a night’s splendor.

Gloss: The Moon is at the tail end of Pisces, in the Nakshatra known as Uttara Bhadrapada. The lunar luminary is also in the waxing phase, in its fifth night, and will be shining brighter over the next ten nights. The end of the cycle is in reference to the Moon nearing the end of the zodiac, which symbolizes a completion of the cyclical nature of our mental and emotional energies. Our eyes, or our vision turned inwards, should be directed towards this event, in that we should recognize a relief from the accumulated stresses that have been experienced over last last lunar cycle. It is a splendor to witness this, especially at night and even when the Moon is not visible in the sky — for we always have the capacity to look within and savor the vast riches of the mind.



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