Haiku Horoscope for January 30th, 2012

Haiku Horoscope:

Waves flutter along
an ocean bright as the Sun,
such are our mind’s thought.

Gloss: Today the Sun and Mercury are within five degrees of each other in Capricorn. The Sun is known as the Atma or the soul, and Mercury represents our conceptions, our thoughts, our words. Today these two forces have become intimate with each other by their proximity. In a way, the flutter on the surface of the ocean has become an important part of the ocean itself. Although we can see a wave as an extraneous, temporal extension of the ocean’s depth and immensity, in reality it is its most accessible and ‘apparent’ face. In this way, words are an extension of the soul and reflect it in part. Remember this today in your thoughts and words, spoken or written, and infuse the power of the soul in these waves.


Horoscope Haiku for January 29th, 2012


Horoscope Haiku:

Healthy Jupiter,
healing Moon, together are
an amazing pair

Gloss: The Moon has transited into Aries, where Jupiter currently abides. Both of these astrological bodies are in the lunar mansion known as Ashwini, which is the first in the lunar cycle. In Vedic mythology the Ashwins are known as twins that wander through the cosmos healing and bringing prosperity to all they encounter. The expansive qualities of Jupiter and the internal, emotive qualities of the Moon are both engaged in this energy today. Look at things getting sorted out in your surroundings, and within.

Horoscope Haiku for January 28th, 2012

Horoscope Haiku:

Venus and Mars, wills
opposed, face off in our sky:
eternal yearning

Gloss: Currently, Venus and Mars are directly opposed to each other in the zodiac. Mars is retrograde in the 28th degree of Leo, and Venus is in the 23rd degree of Aquarius. They are nearly 180 degrees opposite each other. What’s interesting here is the nature of these two planets. The sigil, or symbol, used in astrology to represent Venus is the same sigil to represent woman in our society. And the sigil used to represent Mars in astrology is the same one that we use for man. What society neglects, however, is that every human has both impulses within them, in varying degrees and expressions.

All of the seven physical planets that we can see in the sky have a base of power within our body, correlating with the seven chakras, which is both literal and metaphorical. Mars is found in our solar plexus chakra, and Venus at our heart chakra. It is interesting to note that our society has collectively decided that the solar plexus — the home of one’s will, one’s fire, one’s umph — is the distillation of what a man should be. And the place of the heart — where one is most receptive and open, most caring and nurturing — is the essence of femininity.

When we look at the planets of astrology more closely, we see that there is a pattern of masculine/feminine energies playing out in all of the planets. Let me give you a little chart that gives the planet, whether its feminine or masculine, and what chakra is its home:

Sun — masculine — crown chakra
Moon — feminine — third eye chakra
Mercury — androgynous — throat chakra
Venus — feminine — heart chakra
Mars — masculine — solar plexus chakra
Jupiter — traditionally masculine, but I claim an “impotent feminine” — genitals chakra
Saturn — an “impotent masculine” — root chakra

So from top to bottom we have: masculine, feminine, androgynous, feminine, masculine, feminine, masculine. There are three pairs of opposites, and one “other”, the sexless Mercury — in the throat, the pivot point between mind and body, whence words flow. Mercury’s characteristics will be fleshed out more in later posts.

Getting back to the haiku at hand, right now the strongest currents of masculine and feminine planetary energy are staring each other down in our sky — literally face to face. Their wills are opposed. There is a classic showdown between Man & Woman, Will & Understanding — and this is happening both within and without. The result is a yearning that can only arise from such a stark opposition. Take note of what you desire most today, and you will probably find the source of your internal and external tensions.

Horoscope Haiku for Friday January 27th, 2012

If anybody knows me, they know that I often go into horoscope hiatus. Right now I have legitimate reason in doing so, as I am currently working on a work of fiction that will be forthcoming this year. In lieu of long posts of horoscopy, I offer an alternative: the Horoscope Haiku. Every day I will be focusing on an important astrological event — a transit of the Moon, an aspect of a planet on another, a grouping of planets in a particular sign — and drafting a haiku that reveals the essence of the astrological event, and providing a short gloss.

And now for the Horoscope Haiku, enjoy:

End of cycle, one
last breath, eyes locked on waxing
Moon — a night’s splendor.

Gloss: The Moon is at the tail end of Pisces, in the Nakshatra known as Uttara Bhadrapada. The lunar luminary is also in the waxing phase, in its fifth night, and will be shining brighter over the next ten nights. The end of the cycle is in reference to the Moon nearing the end of the zodiac, which symbolizes a completion of the cyclical nature of our mental and emotional energies. Our eyes, or our vision turned inwards, should be directed towards this event, in that we should recognize a relief from the accumulated stresses that have been experienced over last last lunar cycle. It is a splendor to witness this, especially at night and even when the Moon is not visible in the sky — for we always have the capacity to look within and savor the vast riches of the mind.